From craftsmanship to industrialization, H-Deco has come a long way. First known as "Industries Youssef El-Hajj & Co”, today, it goes by the name of H-Deco. Yet some things remain unaltered: a deep rooted love for wood, and a wise philosophy that Youssef El-Hajj has transmited from one generation to the other.

A way of life that can be summarized in a few simple words: "living in harmony with nature." With time, H-Deco has evolved from a small family business to a large growing industry. Perennial expertise and know-how were always at the core of the business and served as engine of its evolution. This impressive expansion has earned our team renown and respect as well as national and international acknowledgment. A reputation that we strive to live up to, through our commitment to uncompromising quality and customer’s satisfaction. Over the years we have learned how to make the best of lumber’s capricious nature, and recognize each kind as a marvel on its own.

The numerous varieties of wood available represents a great challenge for us woodworkers, a challenge that we welcome as part of our continuous search for excellence.


From the assemblage of the pieces to the amazing patterns and specific grain to each wood variety, designing every item is a true exploration process. Our passion for wood and consistent search for beauty lead us to create unique pieces of furniture, each piece a work of art. Through years of strenuous efforts, we have mastered wood to make it our true ally as we seek to preserve and enhance its beauty.

From design to execution, the whole production process is planned step by step by a team of professionals. We favor planning each project and executing it from A to Z because we insist on conserving our very high standards. Precision, professionalism and creativity preside over our work. Our fundamental rule is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations, and most importantly commit to our deadlines. We largely depend on our expert wood purveyors for the precious pieces that will be used in the making of every item, in line with our clients’ expectations.

Thanks to our long-term association with the best timber traders all around the globe, we mastered picking top quality logs, always on the lookout for new and richer varieties.
But it is not only with our wood providers that we have developed a close rapport. Everyone of our customers receives our undivided attention and support. Because designing with wood means portraying individual personalities, creating the right setting for living and relaxation, our task involves getting to know our client's personality and tastes. Wood is a natural material, so we try to preserve its charm and warmth to which none can be indifferent.


While our main emphasis is on quality and natural beauty, we strive to maintain the best prices and superior prompt service. Thus, capturing the eye and heart of our clientele.
Through hard work, we bring nature to the homes of more people.

We truly believe in "living in harmony with nature".
Beautifully crafted wood will bring life and warmth to your homes.

We invite you to have a tour in our world of wood through some of our completed projects.
H.deco recently obtained BM TRADA international scheme for fire doors BS 476 Part 22 Annex A Region 2.